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    The Boy, The Man
    Educational adventures in Arizona! Includes field trip ideas and a study guide.

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    Homeschooling in Arizona

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    Arizona Study Guide - return to Main Page

    General Info

    Arizona Handbook
    A complete online guide to Arizona with extensive coverage of the state's geography, geology, climate, flora and fauna, history, people and places.

    Arizona Maps
    Relief maps, highway maps, geologic map, precipitation map, Indian reservations, wilderness areas, state parks, bicycle routes, a census map, a historical 1895 map, and others.

    Arizona State Unit Study
    State unit study designed to help children learn about Arizona.

    Arizona Travel Guide
    Explore the state of Arizona at this Arizona Office of Tourism site. Search by city or region, or by interests such as nature and adventure, culture and heritage. Includes a state overview, state map, calendar of events, and related links - plus a new Kid Zone with fun, interactive activities about Arizona.

    Arizona @ Your Service
    The Official Web Site of the State of Arizona: Arizona Government, Arizona State Legislature, State Facts, History and Culture, Travel and Recreation, Road and Weather Conditions, Arizona Maps, and much more.

    Arizona Links
    Helpful links about Arizona from the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records.

    My AZ Online
    A website for Arizona families.

    Arizona Almanac
    Ed Phillips has written the original printed Almanac since 1980. Now, in the 21st Century, the "Almanac" is also a radio show, a web site and a newsletter - all about "The Way of Life called Arizona." Like the original Almanac, our goal is to bring you information that's needed, extremely interesting, but often unnoticed - all about living in our great State.
    Lots of Arizona facts, statistics, & links.
    Arizona facts, trivia, & links.
    Arizona quiz for ESL students.
    An Arizona trivia quiz with footnotes and sources.
    Arizona facts and oddities, with footnotes and sources.
    Arizona community locator, county topics and page links, and fun facts.

    Brainy Geography: Arizona
    Lists of places in Arizona such as airports, bridges, cemetaries, dams, lakes, mines, springs, streams, etc. You'll need a GPS to find them, though, because they only give the latitude/longitude and the name of the county, with no descriptive information.

    The Natural American
    The Natural American is a collection of knowledge about Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. It covers geology, human and natural history, scenic trips, wilderness information and survival techniques.

    Natural Parks of the American Southwest
    A Guide to the National Parks and Natural Landscapes of Southwest USA.

    History and Government

    Arizona History Facts
    Have a history question you want answered about Arizona and the Southwest? Send an email to and an expert from the Arizona Historical Society will post the answer online.

    Arizona History Reference Guide
    Topics include: Native Americans, Spanish Period, Wars & Battles, Settlers, Women, Politics, Crime and Criminals, Injustices, Mining, Water, Education, Historic Sites, Arizona's Five C's, and more. The materials consist of web pages, books, manuscripts collections, photograph collections, and more.

    Arizona History Traveler
    Arizona. Just the name reminds us of places, people, and events that are etched into our national memory—Fort Apache, Zane Grey, Route 66, Geronimo, the OK Corral. Get to know the stories behind the names by visiting the heritage sites featured here.

    ARIZONA From Prehistoric Times To The End Of The Twentieth Century
    Arizona Blue Book Millennium Edition: a complete history of Arizona including a photo gallery!

    Arizona Capitol Museum
    Arizona's Road to Statehood, state symbols, teacher resource guide for Arizona Territorial and State governmental history.

    Arizona Politicians: The Noble and the Notorious
    An introduction to Arizona politicians from territorial days to the present.

    Arizona State Government Kids Page
    Arizona governors, history tour & timeline, natural wonders, wildlife, state facts, coloring book and word games.

    Arizona Secretary of State Kids Page
    Arizona facts and activities for kids and teens, including downloadable pictures for school reports.

    Arizona State Government Sites
    Links to Arizona State Government Websites.

    Arizona Governors
    Governors of Arizona (both Territorial and State), with footnotes and sources.

    Arizona's Law for Kids
    America's first website dedicated to teaching children about law. This site was created by the Arizona Bar Foundation with the specific goal of educating Arizona's youth, their parents, communities and schools to increase their knowledge about youth laws and to encourage law-abiding behavior.

    Kids Voting Arizona
    Kids Voting provides homeschool parents with access to online voter education curriculum and a new online early voting option for students called the Election Connection. Kids Voting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-driven program founded in Arizona in 1988. In 1991, Kids Voting became two separate organizations: Kids Voting Arizona and Kids Voting USA. Kids Voting USA would go on to expand the program throughout the United States.

    TeenPact Arizona

    Arizona TeenPact had a phenomenally successful first class in 2002. Students got to meet with the Governor and the Secretary of State as well as with Senators, Representatives, lobbyists and other political leaders. TeenPact is an outstanding opportunity for kids to learn first-hand about citizenship, leadership, justice, true statesmanship, and the biblical principles upon which our government was founded. (4-day and 1-day classes are available.)

    Arizona History
    Includes the Mexican American War, Guadlupe Hidalgo & Gadsden Purchase, Gold Rush, Apache Wars, 1861 Confederate State, 1862 Arizona Territory, Stagecoach Info, Phoenix History, Gunfighters & Colorful Characters, Cattle and Sheep, Navajo Code Talkers.

    Arizona Legends
    This travel site for the nostalgic and historic minded features legends and stories about Native Americans, the Old West, historic people, outlaws, ghosts, and more.

    Arizona Genealogy Web
    Arizona Genealogy and Family History Online.

    Natural History and Science

    Arizona Aquatic Nuisance Species
    Informational sites to a number of nuisance species in Arizona. Several of these have been present in the state so long that they may be thought to be native.

    Desert Foothills Land Trust
    Desert Awareness articles to heighten awareness and foster the conservation of the Sonoran desert and the area's natural resources, including indigenous vegetation, wildlife of all kinds, water resources, and prehistoric sites and artifacts.

    Desert USA
    A comprehensive online guide to the American Southwest: Life in the Desert, Animals & Wildlife, Plants & Wildflowers, Minerals & Geology, People & Culture, and more.

    Exploring Arizona's Natural Resources
    Learn about Arizona's climate, topography, animal and plant communities in this illustrated online guide from Arizona Game & Fish. Includes self-tests.

    J&R Reptile Wildlife Rescue/Relocation
    Rattlesnakes of Arizona, other Venomous Snakes of Arizona, Non-venomous Snakes of Arizona, Lizards of Arizona, and other Native Creature pictures.

    Natural History of Northern Arizona - Online Nature Center!
    This site is organized like a "virtual" nature museum, with several "rooms" or departments to visit. You can also go on "field trips" and find information about regional resources.

    Arizona Master Gardener Manual: An Essential Reference for Gardening in the Desert Southwest
    Includes chapters on basic botany and plant physiology, entomology, gardening, houseplants, cacti, and much more!

    The Adventure of Echo the Bat: Interactive Web Site
    The Adventure of Echo the Bat introduces students to remote sensing and biodiversity from a constructivist approach through an interactive adventure. Echo migrates through Arizona, and students learn to track him using satellite imagery. Three thematic units are Understanding Light, Remote Sensing, and Biodiversity. Within each unit are lesson plans, classroom activities (including reproducible worksheets), and links to useful resources.

    Arizona Game & Fish Department
    Go to their "Newsroom" to read wildlife news and view a calendar of events. Learn about some Arizona non-game species under "Wildlife & Conservation." Learn about wildlife areas and watchable wildlife under "Outdoor Recreation." Publications, resources, a wildlife photo gallery, and educational programs can be found under "Information & Education."

    Arizona Geological Survey
    Arizona Geological Survey
    416 West Congress, #100
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    (520) 770-3500
    Their mission is to inform and advise the public about the geologic character of Arizona in order to foster understanding and prudent development of the State's land, water, mineral, and energy resources. Their website contains geologic maps of the state, publications and educational info, facts about local geologic phenomena (radon, arsenic, earthquakes, fissures, floods, caves, soils, mines, landslides, volcanoes, oil & gas), and links for further study.

    Geology of the Southwest
    Includes the three basic geologic provinces, Arizona volcanoes, Arizona volcanic fields, Arizona hot springs, Arizona electromagnetic anomalies, gems and minerals, The Painted Desert, a meteorite map, and more.

    Arizona Herpetological Society
    A non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation, study, and understanding of reptiles and amphibians. Their website features Snakes of Arizona, snake identification, lizard identification, and articles.

    ASU's "Ask a Biologist"
    This site is designed and maintained by Arizona State University's Life Sciences Visualization Group, as an educational resource for K-12 students and their teachers. Submit a question, read interesting articles, try an experiment, check out the links to other websites, and other fun stuff.

    ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium
    Interactive web tools to aid in the exploration of the flora of Arizona, including regional plant checklists with photos (searchable by common and scientific name) and a complete vascular plant image library (listed by scientific name).

    Central Arizona Project (CAP)
    CAP history, facts, frequently asked questions, a video tour, and a page just for kids and teachers.

    Desert Biomes
    Introduction to Desert Biomes and a Food Web in the Hot Desert Biome.

    Desert Ecology in the Classroom
    This website is intended to provide ideas and examples of concepts, lesson plans, field trips, and resources to help high school teachers teach desert ecology in the Tucson, Arizona area. Though field trip ideas and resources are local, many ideas can be used in any part of the country, and can also be adapted for use with younger students.

    Arizona Wildlife
    Wildflowers, trees, grasses, reptiles, birds, and mammals in Arizona.

    East Valley Wildlife
    East Valley Wildlife is a network of volunteers who work out of their homes in their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned, ill, injured, and displaced wild animals. Their website contains information about baby birds, waterfowl, and other wildlife that may be encountered in the East Valley of Phoenix.

    Great Trees of Arizona
    A list of Arizona trees that are considered to be of local, state, national or international significance due to their historical value, old age, extraordinary size, or being of rare/unusual species. All citizens and communities in Arizona are encouraged to become interested and involved in the preservation of The Great Trees of Arizona.

    Green Frog News
    A collection of science and environmental resources from across Arizona, including lesson plans for teachers and wildlife activity pages for students, published as a project of the Hohokam Resource Conservation and Development Area.

    Nature Study in the Sonoran Desert
    A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of Arizona, USA & Sonora, Mexico.

    Sonoran Desert Bees
    Honeybee-related research and curriculum designed around bee-related studies, including valuable resources for all students interested in honeybees. From the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson.

    Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
    SASI's mission is to foster an awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of all nature through the study and interpretation of the vital roles arthropods play in the Sonoran Desert ecosystem." Based in Tucson Mountain Park, SASI conducts a number of Educational Programs with a charge of $75 for one class and $35 for additional classes.

    Sonoran Desert Naturalist
    A guide to nature study in southwestern Arizona. Backyard and urban wildlife, desert places, wildflower reports, flora and fauna news, an online field guide, and more.

    Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Foundation
    A non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife native to Arizona, educating today's youth on the importance of native wildlife and the environment, and encouraging educational career opportunities in environmental science. Their informative website features animal facts and sounds, a photo slide show, map of the Sonoran Desert, recommended reading lists, kids games, and more. You can buy a Southwest Wildlife educational slide show on CD. Each slide show CD contains 20 high quality professionally-photographed images. Each image is followed by text with information about the slide. They also sell a Southwest Wildlife Educational Handbook on CD, which contains fact sheets on native Arizona mammals, reading list for all ages, games and puzzles for kids, animal pictures, animal sounds and much more. All proceeds from the sale of these CD's goes toward the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of native Arizona mammals.

    Tucson Herpetological Society
    References and resources, brochures, a printable educational coloring book for kids, teacher's guide, "The 100-mile Circle" - a description of the Tucson area and an illustrated checklist of the herpetological fauna found there.

    Geography, Climate, and the Environment

    Arizona Electronic Atlas
    Arizona maps, formatted for easy printing and viewing. Create your own map using these map themes: Natural Resources, People and Society, Business and Economics, and People and Environment. Includes teaching resources and learning modules.

    Arizona Maps
    Public domain Arizona maps from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas, Austin. Arizona state maps; city maps; historic maps; maps of National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites.
    Arizona almanac, symbols, geography, climate.

    Arizona Geography Action Program
    Arizona site for National Geographic's Geography Action! program. Geography Action! is designed to educate and excite students about our natural, cultural, and historic treasures. Each year we celebrate a different topic related to conservation and the environment; this year's theme is "Habitats: Home Sweet Home." Arizona's Geography Action coordinator is Patty Sepp, an award-winning geography teacher/home educator.

    Arizona Geography and Maps
    Includes detailed maps, blank outline maps, and basic geographic data.

    Arizona Meteorological Network
    The Arizona Meteorological Network (AZMET) is a near-real time weather information system that provides data of interest to Arizona's landscape, horticultural, and agricultural industries. Presently, there are 20 automatic weather stations located throughout central and southern Arizona. Five stations gather weather data for the Phoenix area. AZMET will give you up-to-date information on how much water is evaporated from a typical lawn, yesterday's high and low temperatures, and much more.

    Weather in the Valley of the Sun
    Facts and figures as reported by meteorologist Ed Phillips; plus heat and sun statistics, frost data, monsoon info, and more.

    National Weather Service: Phoenix Forecast
    Arizona clickable forecast map, radar images, current weather news, etc.

    Arizona Storm Center
    The One Stop Site for Arizona Weather: Current Conditions, Warnings, Watches, Forecasts, Lightning Data, Rain Guage Data, Weather Cams, Highway Closures, Radar Images, Satellite Links, Wildfire Info, and more!

    Arizona Climate Summaries
    Climate data including maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, etc. for hundreds of checkpoints all over the state.
    United States Drought Monitor
    Links to Western Water Resource Issues: great resource links of particular interest to Western States residents and students.
    Arizona Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is an interdisciplinary, supplementary water education program for Arizona educators. Public and private school teachers, 4-H leaders, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, and other groups will find WET resources and services valuable for learners of all ages. WET provides teaching aids for kindergarteners through 12th graders.
    Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona

    Water Resources Research Center
    Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona

    An article about ancient Indians in our local area that contains some interesting information.
    The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona: a summary of Arizona's prehistoric land and people.
    Prehistory of the Southwest: a general studies course by ASU students, with an excellent introduction, detailed information and pictures online.

    Council of Indian Nations
    Southwest Indian history and people.


    Spider's Astronomy in Arizona Page

    Astronomy and More in Arizona

    Arizona Sky Pages and Observing Sites

    Tony LaConte's Stargazing for Everyone

    Famous People
    Pictures and names of some famous Arizonans.
    Arizona facts and statistics, including a list of famous Arizona natives and residents.
    An article about Arizona's home-grown celebrities.
    An article about famous Arizona politicians.
    Detailed biographies of prominent Arizonans.
    A complete bibliography of celebrity sightings around Arizona.
    Who's Who Underground: You can take a tour of the grave sites of Arizona notables by scrolling down the page, taking the cemeteries in the order they are listed, from the east valley to the west side, or you can skip directly to the grave you're looking for.


    These pages are a continuous work in progress.
    Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen
    All rights reserved.


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