My Desert Adventure
By Jonathan Olsen, age 8

The Cloverkids and Juniors Homeschool 4-H Club went to the Spur Cross Preservation in Cave Creek. When we were on our way to 4-H we saw a pack of coyotes going across the road. When we were driving to Spur Cross we saw mountains, lots of mountains.

There were two rangers. One of them talked about the wildlife we have in the desert. He had a black widow spider under glass. Also a millipede, 2 centipedes, a bunch of big bugs, a walking stick, and some scorpions. They also had live snakes and a giant gila monster.

We went hiking in an area not open to the public. When we were on the hike we saw some Indian petroglyphs on big rocks. We also learned that some petroglyphs are lighter than others. The lighter ones are newer than the darker ones, but they’re still pretty old. We saw a guy with a bow and arrow, a couple mountain goats, some deer and the guy was hunting. We saw little carvings on a different rock that looked like letters.

I was lucky. We were walking along the trail and the ranger was pointing out pottery and stuff. You will never believe what I found! Part of an Indian shell bracelet. It was part of a white shell that was carved into a bracelet. The guy hadn’t even seen it before and said it was a significant find. He put it under a rock so he could show it to the next group that came.

We had snacks while we were walking. It was clear and warm. We walked through a rocky and sandy wash. We went down a steep slope and I almost slipped. There were lots of plants like trees, grass and cactus. On the way back we saw Elephant Mountain. One of the rangers said it looked like an elephant. The Spur Cross hike was about 1˝ hours long.

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