The American Adventure Series

For my first column I would like to tell about a new historical fiction series, "The American Adventure". These 144-page paperbacks from Barbour Publishing are written for boys and girls ages 8-12, but in reality the whole family will love them. I had originally expected my 9-year-old son to read the stories by himself, but one day I found myself reading a chapter and I couldn't put the book down! Ever since then we have enjoyed reading these stories together. As soon as we're done with one, we can't wait to start on the next book. Read aloud, this series would be an excellent introduction to American History for a second or third grader before beginning a more formal history curriculum.

These books are well written, exciting adventure stories with kids as the main characters. Readers will experience the children's daily way of life and encounter historical events as seen through a child's eyes at the time. They will discover how it felt to experience the stock market crash, live through the Great Depression, send loved ones off to war, hear that Japan surrendered in World War II, and more. How thrilling it must have been to meet John Hancock himself at your family's print shop, or see your father come home from the Revolution after serving with General Washington's army. Even kids who normally aren't interested in history will like these books.

I especially like the fact that this series allows you to follow the lives of families through the generations. You really care about what happens to them while remembering what they have been through in the past. A young boy in one book likes to walk by the harbor after school. In the next book he is a ship builder's apprentice. In the book after that he has his own ship building business and a son of his own. The subsequent books focus on his son who likes to help people and who eventually becomes a doctor. Thus, these books connect what the characters do as children to their success in the future.

The American Adventure books are written from a Christian perspective and include Bible verses, prayers, hymns, and moral lessons related to each story. They emphasize the significance of God in our country's history, the importance of having godly character, the relevance of wholesome family values and traditional gender roles.

The series currently includes 48 books covering our nation's major historical events from the landing of the Pilgrims through the end of World War II. Christian Book Distributors sells the American Adventure Series of books individually at a reduced price.

There is also an American Adventure Book Club. Book club members receive a colorful timeline poster, stickers, supplemental activity sheets, and two books each month for $9.98 per shipment. Bulk shipments are available.

P.S. If you like The American Adventure series, you will also like Liberty's Kids!

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Questions and Answers

Hi Teri,

In your article on the American Adventure series you mentioned that you could buy the series for $120.00. I went to the website you presented but couldn't find out how to buy the entire series. Could you help me with an 800 number that I could call? Thank you for your help.

Ann Frechen, via e-mail

Hi Ann,

You're right, the website doesn't show a price for a bulk purchase of the entire American Adventures series. But if you click on the individual titles and keep adding them to your book bag, the price of each book will automatically lower to $2.54 once you order at least 10 of them. (I just tried it, and it worked.) Or if you'd prefer to call, the toll-free phone number is 1-800-CHRISTIAN. You can also ask for their Home School mail-order catalog, in which the cost per book is just $2.50 each for 10 or more, which comes out to a few dollars cheaper than online.

Sincerely, Teri

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