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~ December 2016 ~

Happy December!

As you get ready for Christmas, remember that the gifts of friendship, kindness, sharing and caring are always welcome and meaningful. Also, be sure to keep in mind those who may not be as fortunate as you are. I didn't get around to putting together a list of homeschool gift ideas this year. (Although there is a list of STEM gifts at Homeschooling Teen.) We're not even getting much of anything ourselves. It's been such a busy month, and now I'm fighting a cold, so I for one just want to spend the day resting. But if you're looking to be more active in the new year, I know the perfect thing. Check out the DeskCycle! I have one and highly recommend it.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and New Year. :)

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Featured Article

The Electoral College: A President is Chosen

It's amazing to me how many people don't know how the Electoral College works. I mean, it was a Schoolhouse Rock song, for crying out loud! Don't they teach basic civics in schools these days?

We’re the United STATES of America, not the People’s Republic of America. Winning the popular vote in a U.S. Presidential race is irrelevant. The Electoral College is an effort to control domination of the presidency by one large populous region. This procedure for electing a president was laid out in the U.S. Constitution by the Founding Fathers.

So I'm doing my civic duty here by sharing an article that will hopefully make it easier to understand as well as explain to others. Just click on this link: The Electoral College: A President is Chosen

Reading Between the Lines

The Link Between SAT Scores and Music

One would presume that SAT scores and musical tastes are totally unrelated, but there have been plenty of research studies conducted into how your taste in music can predict the outcome of your SATs. Why is this important? They show that high SAT scores are linked to certain types of music. With so many musical genres out there, which ones are predictors of success according to the research on SAT scores and music?

  • You don’t have to be a fan of classical music to ace the SAT… but listening to Beethoven will surely provide a major boost to your score.
  • Those interested in the more intellectual, progressive rock and alt/indie artists, tended to score above the national average.
  • Fans of rap and repetitive pop songs are more likely to score a lot lower on SATs.

I've been examining "The Secret of High SAT Scores is Hidden in Your Taste in Music" and find it fascinating! We used to be big on classical music when the kids were young, with "Beethoven for Babies," "Mozart for Your Mind," and the like. Now that the kids are teens we're more into alternative/indie music. My son aced his college tests, coincidence or not? And it's true, I'm an introvert and I love listening to quiet, reflective, complex music. Then again, when I was younger I liked The Beatles. But in spite of changing tastes, there's one type of music I've always loved and will never go out of style, and that's Christmas Carols. :)

Books of the Month

Looking for unique homeschool gifts? May I suggest the following?
The perfect gift for a homeschool mom - or for yourself!

Easy Homeschooling Series

This wonderful set of books by a veteran homeschool mom will provide refreshing encouragement and practical motivation for the new year!

(NOTE: Another homeschool site has been selling downloadable copies of these titles, but why settle for PDFs when you can have the pleasure of holding the actual books in your hand? Besides, you can't easily give a PDF as a gift. These are the original softcover BOOKS!)

3 Books for $30 - plus FREE shipping!

1. Easy Homeschooling Techniques
2. Easy Homeschooling Curriculum
3. Easy Homeschooling Companion

Click here for detailed book descriptions!

Get ALL 3 BOOKS (valued at $57) for ONLY $30!*
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E-Books of the Month

nativity Story
The Nativity Story: with Nativity Activities contains an original 10-page rendition of The Nativity Story, KJV Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments, questions for personal study and family discussion, and a condensed version of The Nativity Story for use in Christmas cards or as handouts. Nativity Activities include: Nativity Quiz, Projects & Crafts, Nativity Vocabulary, Nativity Traditions, Host a Nativity Party, Nativity Music, Movies & Multimedia, Nativity Poetry, Nativity Word Search, Nativity Art, Nativity Word Scramble, Christmas Word Find, and more. Over 60 pages, only $4.95! Click here.

Gifts for all Occasions
Gifts for All Occasions is jam-packed with a wide variety of ideas for gift exchanges, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, gift baskets, homemade gifts, gifts for the whole family, gifts for babies, gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for children, gifts for teens, gifts for grandparents, gifts for hospital patients and nursing home residents, gifts for the person who has everything, sentimental gifts for loved ones, and more! 22 pages of gift ideas! Only $4.95! Click here.

Easy Money Gifts
Easy Money Gifts features more than 50 easy, unique, and fun ways of giving money that will surprise and delight the recipient – while saving you time and money! This 40-page e-book also contains money facts, quotes, verses, and other monetary information of interest to homeschoolers. Only $4.95! Click here.

How to Write a Homeschool Mission Statement

How to Write a Homeschool Mission Statement

Sometime after the Christmas rush and before the New Year begins, it would be nice for the whole family spend some quality time together discussing goals, dreams, and the purpose of life. While you’re at it, why not write a homeschool mission statement! I've created an easy to follow step-by-step guide that explains how. If you're like many families, you may have noticed that the busyness of daily life seems to distract you from the principles that matter most. Your family can get back on track by preparing a homeschool mission statement to clarify your reasons for homeschooling and assist in guiding you from this day forward. "How to Write a Homeschool Mission Statement" serves as a great mid-year refresher between semesters. Only $4.95 for 36 pages! View the contents and download your copy here:

Famous Homeschoolers

Wilson Bentley

Wilson A. Bentley, taught at home by his mother, had a unique hobby of studying snowflakes. He was the first person to photograph a single snow crystal in 1885. In his lifetime, Bentley captured more than 5,000 snowflakes on film. Of course, no two were exactly alike. Learn more about "The Snowflake Man" at

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin is a fact-filled history book, a rich science lesson, and an inspiring biography all in one. It's a Caldecott-Medal winner too! The beautifully illustrated hardcover book would be a nice gift for homeschoolers!

Learning Links

  • Family Holiday Ideas (For many families, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the winter holiday season.)

  • Gingerbread Houses (A homemade gingerbread house makes an impressive centerpiece during the holidays.)

  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas (Celebrating family traditions is what makes families unique and bonds family members together.)

  • Homemade Gifts from the Heart (Sometimes the best gifts you can give are those from the heart. They are always appreciated more than those from the wallet.)

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Many Languages (Can You Guess the Languages? Translations provided.)

  • Merry Christmas (Jesus is the Reason for the Season... and Wise Men Still Seek Him.)

  • Christmas Carols (From the first angelic choir over Bethlehem, carols have rung joyously through the centuries.)

  • Let it Snow (Learn all about snow, as well as the Eskimo names for different kinds of snow.)

  • The New Year (Here's our chance to start over, to do it right this time, to accomplish something that we want to finish.)

Freebie(s) of the Month

The Candy Cane
Print this page, cut it in half, roll each half into a scroll, and attach to a large candy cane using a pretty ribbon. Makes a great stocking stuffer or Christmas party favor.

The Nativity Story
Print this page (double-sided) and make copies for inserting in Christmas cards, or give as handouts. This is an abridged version of my original 10-page story.

Keep track of your contacts and Christmas lists with these printouts: Contact List | Christmas Card List | Christmas Wish List

(Requires Adobe Reader: click here for free download.)

Quote of the Month

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” ~Agnes M. Pharo

A Note From Teri...

Looking forward to the new year? Hoping that 2017 will be the year that your life genuinely changes for the better? Want to declutter your home? Find a new job? Start college? Lose weight? Get in shape? You can do it!!!

If you would like to be more active in the new year, I know the perfect thing. Check out the DeskCycle! I have one and highly recommend it. Trust me, the DeskCycle is definitely one piece of exercise equipment that won't gather dust after January.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and New Year. :)

Happy Homeschooling!

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