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~ November 2015 ~

Dear Readers,

Happy November! It's hard to believe the holidays are almost here already. But first, don't overlook Veterans Day as a day of honor, appreciation, and respect for America's Veterans. Some communities already had their Veterans' Day parades over the weekend, but many people observe a moment of silence (usually two minutes) at 11:00 am on November 11th (Armistice Day) to remember the sacrifices of our armed forces in protecting our country. After that, play some of John Philip Sousa's rousing patriotic marching music on Pandora, or download MP3s of all the Sousa marches from the U.S. Marine Band's "Semper Fidelis" CD. One listener commented, "Great music to do homework by!" (It will definitely keep you awake!) Another guy remarked, "I love to listen to Sousa while doing yard work." Someone else said, "I love listening to this while exercising in the morning!" So obviously Sousa's marches aren't just for parades!
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Featured Article

Keep Calm and Shop at Amazon

This time of year can be hectic, but you can greatly simplify your shopping by doing it all online at In fact, by using Amazon as your one-stop source for Thanksgiving and Christmas party planning, gift giving, and even everyday household necessities, you can cut back on errands and trips to the store in the midst of all the holiday commotion. Take it easy and avoid the crowds on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by doing all your shopping from the comfort of home -- yes, while wearing your cozy p.j.'s, fluffy slippers, and sipping hot cocoa! By placing items in your shopping cart now, to buy later, you will be better able to see the impact it will have on your budget and allow you to scale down if necessary before ordering. Here is a sampling of what you will find at (Affiliate links included.)


Toys that are sure to be a big hit at Christmas include: Build-Your-Own Nerf Blaster, LEGO Minecraft and Star Wars. You will also find STEM toys and games that educate girls and boys of all ages in science, technology, engineering and math. In addition, there are model building kits, r/c vehicles, dolls and dollhouses, plush animals, wooden toys, arts and crafts, indoor sports, puzzles, and board games.


Baby toys and activity centers will keep little ones occupied during the holidays. New parents will be happy to receive something from Amazon's nice assortment of baby gift sets. Parents will also be able to stock up on a variety of their favorite baby products including diapers and wipes.


Amazon carries a vast array of edible gifts and care packages for all occasions. They also have lots of healthy organic snacks, as well as candy and chocolate gifts.


Don't forget about your pets during the holidays! Amazon has a pets gift guide for pets of all kinds.

School and Office

Looking for practical gifts for your favorite entrepreneur, teacher or student? You can find plenty of office and school supplies at Amazon. Everyone will need a new calendar for the New Year. Or if you know someone who could use some help getting organized, give them a set of storage crates with chalkboard labels.


Amazon has all of the most popular movies, video games, music, audio books, and children's books. Check out the low-cost Kindle Fire - only $50! - and the new Fire Kids Edition kid-proof tablet! Plus they have lots of other electronics and they even sell musical instruments.


Want to give gifts that provide a refreshing contrast to electronic gadgets? Handmade is a new store at Amazon for artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods including jewelry, art, stationery, home decor, furniture, quilts, nursery bedding, kitchen items, and more. You might also like to shop Amazon's collection of original paintings, limited edition prints, and other fine art.


Feeling nostalgic? Check out the tin toys, vintage tin signs, Route 66 memorabilia, retro appliances, Victorian pocket watches, and vintage home fashions. Finally, bring back memories of your own childhood with Fisher Price classics!

Home and Yard

Getting back to basics, shop Amazon for all your household essentials such as health and beauty, food storage, paper products, laundry, cleaning, dishwashing, lightbulbs and batteries, as well as tools and home improvement. Amazon even sells auto parts and accessories, and they make it easy to find the exact part that fits your make and model vehicle. is like the old general store that sells a little bit of everything, only it's online! Whether you're in search of the perfect gift this season or simply want to save time, energy, and money, go to Amazon first for all your needs.

Book of the Month

Enjoy this FREE e-book, courtesy of the
Homeschool Patriot & Knowledge House!

The Thanksgiving Story

America's Thanksgiving commemorates the Pilgrims' harvest feast, part of the story of the settling of Plymouth Colony, an important period in American history. Since the Pilgrims' original feast was never repeated, it can't really be called the beginning of a tradition, nor did the Pilgrims call it a Thanksgiving Feast. Nevertheless, the 1621 feast has become a model for our own Thanksgiving celebration. Learn all about the first Thanksgiving, find out what else was happening at that time, read Thanksgiving poems, get authentic Pilgrim recipes, activity ideas, etc.

48 pages of Thanksgiving resources including:
-The Pilgrims' Thanksgiving
-The Mayflower Compact
-The First Ever National Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1777
-Continental Congress Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1782
-Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1789
-Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1863
-The First Thanksgiving (from "Stories of the Pilgrims")
-Pilgrim Timeline
-Pilgrim Trivia
-Thanksgiving Links
-Thanksgiving Poems & Prayers
-Thanksgiving Quotations
-Thanksgiving Scriptures
-Thanksgiving Picture Study
-Thanksgiving Worksheets
-Thanksgiving Activities
-and much more!!!

Click Here to Download*

*Downloadable in PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Famous Homeschoolers

John Philip Sousa

“The March King” was born on November 6, 1854. Musically talented and homeschooled as a child, he grew up to be a world-famous American band conductor who composed over 100 popular marching songs. Read his biography here. You can also download the following story written by Sousa himself: John Philip Sousa: Experiences of a Bandmaster* (Five entertaining anecdotes, good for reading to kids.)

*Downloadable in PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Reading Between the Lines

Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure

What motivated the Pilgrims to come to America? What formula for success did they discover? More importantly, how can we apply these same foundational truths today? Monumental is a 90-minute documentary that follows Kirk Cameron across Europe and the U.S. as he seeks to discover America’s true “national treasure” – the people, places, and principles that made America the freest, most prosperous and generous nation on earth. Click here to read the whole story.

Learning Links

Veterans Day (The history and traditions of this holiday, along with some activity ideas.)

The First Thanksgiving (The Pilgrims' 1621 harvest feast became a model for America's Thanksgiving celebration. This page includes Thanksgiving poems, recipes, and activities.)

Giving Thanks (The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to help your children reflect on what they are grateful for.)

Family-friendly Thanksgiving Films (Some movies with Thanksgiving themes that the whole family can enjoy.)

First in Flight: Wilbur & Orville Wright (To celebrate Aviation History Month, read about these two brothers who built the first successful airplane.)

Teddy Bears (November 14 is National American Teddy Bear Day.)

World Hello Day (November 21, 2015 - Learn how to say "hello" in 40 different languages!)

Freebie of the Month

The Gettysburg Address - President Lincoln delivered his famous speech on November 19, 1863. Download this PDF and practice reciting it.

Thanksgiving Proclamation - This 1623 Thanksgiving Proclamation was attributed to Governor Bradford (although it was most likely created sometime in the 20th century). It's fun to recite and it looks great printed on parchment paper, or print it on plain white paper and have the kids decorate it!

Thanksgiving Word Search - How many words can you make from the letters in “Thanksgiving”?

(Requires Adobe Reader: click here for free download.)

Quote of the Month


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

A Note From Teri...

A bushel of thanks to all my loyal readers. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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