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~ March 2016 ~

Dear Readers,

Happy March! Today is Pi Day, and Thursday is St. Patrick's Day, which are two opportunities to do some fun activities this week whether or not you're on Spring Break.

Also coming up soon is Easter Sunday, so this newsletter is jam-packed with holiday links. And don't forget the First Day of Spring on March 20th!

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Featured Article

My Favorite Saint Patrick’s Day Movies

Watching The Secret of Roan Inish and The Quiet Man is a tradition in our family at this time of year. Both of these movies were filmed on location in northern Ireland.

The Secret of Roan Inish is an enchanting tale based on an ancient Irish legend about a boy raised by seals. (The name “Roan Inish” is Gaelic for “Island of the Seals.”) This movie tells the story of a young girl, Fiona, whose mother dies so she is sent to live with her grandparents sometime after WWII. A nearby abandoned island is at the center of a mystery that holds special significance for her family. The independent film was skillfully shot with beautiful windswept coastal scenery, a lilting Celtic soundtrack, and real Irish actors. One thing that really inspired me was the work ethic of the two young characters! The Secret of Roan Inish is a wonderful family film for all ages. Buy at Amazon.

The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne, was filmed in 1952 by the famous director John Ford (whose birth name was Sean Aloysius O’Fearna). This entertaining 2-hour movie takes place in the lovely Irish countryside. Although personally I think the characters spend too much time in the local pub, I like how they demonstrate the proper Irish way of courtship – obtaining the family’s permission first, making an official announcement, and having a chaperone along at all times. It’s also interesting to see the amicable relationship portrayed between the local Roman Catholic church and Protestant church. Incidentally, John Wayne was of Irish and Scots-Irish descent. His red-headed co-star, Maureen O’Hara, was born in Dublin, Ireland. Buy at Amazon. Also available on Amazon Instant Video.

In both of these movies, whenever a guest enters someone’s home they say “May God bless all in this house.” I wonder if that’s an Irish custom? If so, it’s a good one!

Book(s) of the Month

Gardening For Wildlife

Gardening for Wildlife

Spring is a great time for getting outdoors and studying nature. This Spring why not create a wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies, and other creatures in your yard! My fully illustrated Gardening for Wildlife e-book will walk you through the process step by step. 28-pages ~ only $4.95!

Patrick Henry Study Guide

Patrick Henry Study Guide

This study guide contains a biography of the famous homeschooled patriot as well as vocabulary, discussion questions, writing questions, research questions, an overview of rhetorical techniques and literary devices, additional assignments and study questions. Includes a copy of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Practice your oratory skills by reciting it on March 23, the anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous speech. Makes a great Language Arts or American History unit study! 18 pages ~ only $4.95!

Famous Homeschoolers

Rose Wilder Lane

To celebrate Women's History Month which honors the great contributions that women have made in history, I've written a tribute to Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder. I was always a fan of the Little House books and TV series, but it wasn't until my adult years that I discovered what a fascinating and adventurous life Rose led herself. Besides being a writer and world traveler, she was one of the "founding mothers" of the Libertarian movement. Actually, it's quite uncanny how the politics at that time parallel those of today. You will see what I mean when you read Rose Wilder Lane's biography.

Reading Between the Lines

Pride and Prejudice and Homeschooling

Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austen and published in 1813, tells the story of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the aloof misunderstood hero, and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, one of literature’s best-loved heroines. But did you know that it also addresses homeschooling? Consider this excerpt:

Lady Catherine de Bourgh: “No governess! How was that possible? Five daughters brought up at home without a governess! — I never heard of such a thing. Your mother must have been quite a slave to your education.”

Elizabeth: "...such of us as wished to learn, never wanted the means. We were always encouraged to read, and had all the masters that were necessary."

Jane Austen herself was educated primarily at home by her father and older brothers. Read more->->->

Learning Links

Pi Day Activities (Pi Day is March 14. A great day to learn math facts while eating pizza and pie!)

Saint Patrick's Day (Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th, is a national Irish holiday honoring Saint Patrick, the missionary credited with converting all the people of Ireland to Christianity in the 5th century.)

Think Green (A devotional article for Spring.)

Albert Einstein Biography (This famous mathematician was born on Pi Day! A self-educated genius who did poorly in school, his real studies were done at home.)

Robert Frost Biography (Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874. He was educated at home and also taught his own children at home.)

Patrick Henry Biography (Tutored by his father and uncle, Patrick Henry grew up to be an eloquent orator. He was the one who demanded that the Bill of Rights be added to the U.S. Constitution to limit its power more strictly, and to guarantee the protection of basic individual liberties.)

Happy Easter (Learn about the history, traditions, and symbols of Easter; read an Easter poem; find Easter recipes and activities; and more.)

Freebie of the Month

"Give Me Liberty or Death" Speech - Print this out and practice your oratory skills by reciting it on March 23, the anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous speech.

Resurrection Word Find
(This will keep the kids quietly occupied for a while. I tried it myself - couldn't resist! - and found about 25 words.)

Resurrection Story Strips
(Cut these out and place them inside plastic eggs.)

Easter Scripture Strips
(Cut these out and place them inside plastic eggs.)

Bonus! Print out a Lost Sheep Maze from my Psalm 23 Unit Study. Buy the e-book and get more pages like this! Click here to download my Psalm 23 Unit Study.

(Requires Adobe Reader: click here for free download.)

Quote of the Month

"With still a week of winter, this wearing of the green seems rather out of season - it's rushing things, I mean. But maybe March is better when all is done and said: St Patrick brings a promise, a four-leaf-clover promise, a green-all-over promise of springtime just ahead!" ~Aileen Fisher, "Wearing of the Green"

A Note From Teri...

Here's an Irish Blessing for you...

“May flowers line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart every day your whole life through.”

Happy Homeschooling!

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